4 ways to give your woman what she deserves this Valentine’s

Adventure. Romance. Chivalry. These are the top 3 things that most women look for in a man. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, here’s how you could give the woman in your life what she truly deserves, a dapper, sophisticated man. So without any further ado, here we go. 

  1. Smell like a million dollars, without spending a million dollars!

We all know that the emotion we call love is actually a series of chemical reactions in the brain that are triggered by pheromones. An easy way to get ahead in this race therefore is to smell good. Smelling good ranks right up there with appearance and clothing. One whiff of your masculine, worldwise scent and most women will have made up their mind about you. So this Valentine’s day, invest in the one gift that will keep on giving, a great fragrance, and we have not one, but three fragrances guaranteed to make you smell like a million dollars, without spending a million dollars!

  1. Groom your beard, cultivate her smile

Most women will agree that when it comes to a beard, they prefer a rugged, bearded man, over a clean shaven one. Rugged however doesn’t have to be a scraggly and untended one. That look went the way of the dinosaur, over a decade ago. So when it comes to your man, mane game, we recommend a good oil, proper trimming and sculpting tools. Remember, she wants to see a bearded God, not a messy, drooling Orc!  

  1. Say bye, bye to dandruff, for her sake and yours!

Dandruff is the scourge of any man on a date. Imagine a scene where you’ve put in the effort to look amazing, and right when you swoop in for a hug, she notices the white flakes on the cuff of your shirt or suit. Instant turn-off! Investing in a reliable anti-dandruff treatment therefore is very important. Experts agree that ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) is an excellent anti-dandruff treatment that if used regularly will indeed help remedy and prevent the recurrence of dandruff. The Complete Man Hair Wash Anti-Dandruff Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo is the perfect cleansing and treatment solution for a dandruff-free Valentine’s experience!

  1. Style your mane, to sweep her off your feet! 

Pommade, hair wax, hair gel and hair spray are a must in any modern man’s vanity. Simply because our hairstyles are almost entirely dependent on them. Of all these we recommend a natural hair wax which styles without drying the hair. In comparison with hair gels and sprays which over long use can cause dryness and brittleness, our Shea Butter Hair Wax can be used to groom and style your hair and beard. A dual purpose mane styling product, enriched with natural ingredients, with a guaranteed hold, what more could you ask for?

Following these simple solutions to appear worldly, dapper and sophisticated, will indeed ensure that your partner’s secret, untold desire for a suave, dashing date will be met. You’re bound to have yourself a truly Happy Valentine’s Day…. You’re welcome!

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