7 things she doesn’t want to hear about on your Valentine’s Date

Sure, Valentine’s Day stands for romance and coupling. The foundation of this however is a sound date on the hallowed day. While where you wine and dine your lady love on that day is muy importante, there is one component that is often overlooked, the banter, or in American terms the conversation. 1 out of every 5 women have admitted to losing their mojo based on how bad their conversations with their dates have been. See ladies don’t just care about the way you look, smell and dress, they give a damn about the way you speak and more importantly what you say! So here are the top 7  things she doesn’t want to hear about on your Valentine’s Day date. 

  1. Your ex-girlfriend: Whether you were dating the Princess of York, or Justin Bieber’s current wife, that lady is an ex for a reason, and while you had a great time with her; your current flame DOESN’T want to hear about it. You’d think this is common sense, but you’d be surprised about how many guys are still hung up about their exes. Well in any case, whether you still drunk dial your ex, or simply ‘like’ her Instagram post or story, have the good sense to spare your current lady, the details of any and all the times you had with her! 

  1. Your Mom: Fellas, we all love our moms. And yes there’s a whole other day in the year to celebrate all her virtues, but it ain’t the 14th of Feb alright! Women are extremely put off when every second word out of a guy’s mouth, revolves around his saintly mom. It’s a fact that nobody loves a ‘momma’s boy’. So gents if you’re going to talk about your mom anecdotally during a Valentine’s Day date, expect to be spending the next few Valentine’s Days single. 

  1. The amount of stuff you have: While YouTube is full of ‘gold-digger’ prank videos, you need to realise that 99% of them are staged. No modern, self-respecting woman will ever be interested in the amount of stuff, money, swag and material possessions you may have. Mentioning your gold Rolex, your new Maserati, your deserved promotion and your bank balance is going to get you relegated to the ‘terrible dates’ pile in the rolodex of her mind. 

  1. Drunken nights: We all have some awesome drunk stories and some regrettable incidents post. Boasting about your capacity for the sauce and your stupidity post, are not things to actually be PROUD of. And mentioning them on your Valentine’s date, is not getting you a call back. If anything it’ll get you categorized as a creep and completely blocked any and everywhere. 

  1. “I’ve never told anyone this before”: Even if your date is actually going well, you may want to hold off any massive personal revelations to another day. Valentine’s Day is meant to be enjoyed together in a fun, casual, romantic way. Personal revelations are best put off to other, less romantic days, Bastille Day perhaps?

  1. Your work: We are all either very stressed by or in love with what we do for a living. Well I’m here to tell you that what you do for a living ain’t worth bringing up on a Valentine’s Day date. It shows you up either as a cribbity employee, or a showoff upstart and that ain’t the impression you want to lead in with, do you?

  1. Her appearance: You would be well served to compliment your date on the effort she’s made to look good for you. If you have nothing pleasant to say, well think on your feet. Under no circumstances though, is it cool to say anything unflattering about her. Women pride themselves on the way they are perceived and it comes across as extremely dickish and chauvinistic when men think that they can comment on their appearance. 

So this Valentine’s Day, get yourself some cologne, groom yourself well and for the love of God, avoid the 7 deadly sins of date banter. And you should be sorted! Until next time, stay dapper!

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