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Neem Beard Comb

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Combing our hair has been part of our grooming routine for years. But did you know that combing your beard ought to be a top priority as well? Thanks to the Neem Beard Comb from The Complete Man, combing beards has never been as simple as this! So why a Neem wood Beard Comb, you ask? Fair question, Neem Wood is naturally antiseptic, antibacterial and a broad spectrum antifungal agent. It is said to impede the growth of dandruff causing bacteria and so lessens its occurrence. Then there’s the obvious benefits of detangling frizz, improving blood circulation and making shaping your beard that much easier. So what are you waiting for? Make the Neem Beard Comb a part of your grooming kit and reap the benefits of regular beard combing. 

Benefits of Combing your beard

  • Prevents ingrown hair formation
  • Promotes blood supply and better beard growth
  • Prevents frizz and tangling
  • Evenly distributes sebum and oil throughout the beard
  • Shapes the beard easily
  • Easier maintenance

Product Features

  • High quality goods: 100% natural Neem wooden beard comb.
  • Function: Eliminates static and is great for untangling knots in the beard.
  • Each NEEM wooden beard comb is crafted with elaborate care that will leave your beard feeling smooth.

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